Posted in consciência, gerais, sociedade by autopoeta on dezembro 20, 2012
Muito me identifico com este texto do jornalista Daniel Pinchbeck sobre seus sentimentos pessoais acerca do dia 21 de dezembro. Assim que possível o traduzirei e postarei aqui no blog. Vale conferir:


This is how I am personally feeling about Dec 21 – not in any meta-cosmic sense, but for myself, as a person. I feel I am finally exiting the cocoon of my karmic and psychological past. I feel I am in the process of giving birth to myself (it has only taken 46 years!). For me, this means, on the one hand, a change of focus from the mental and intellectual to the physical and embodied – a profound re-balancing and shifting of priorities. It also means an acceptance and forgiveness of the past, in its entirety. This includes my personal past – the traumas I received and the pain I have also inflicted – and also the past of humanity as a whole, which has often felt to me like a terrible weight and a burden not just carried in my mind but woven into my cellular matrix.

I realize that I now possess the knowledge and certainty of who I am and how the universe operates – as a magical projection screen for consciousness to unfold and discover its own creative capacities. This crept up on me step by step, and is now integrated into my understanding. The next phase of my life is really about putting the knowledge I have gained into practice on all levels. Despite the dangers on our horizon – climate change, industrial catastrophe, etc – I think we have the opportunity to reinvent our planetary civilization so that it serves every person on the earth, and regenerates the Earth’s eco-systems. Nothing less than this is proper as a goal. In fact, the threats we face are what impel our evolution, and are necessary for our growth.

Along with those lofty goals for a rebirth of planetary civilization based on sanity and cooperation, I also intend to continue to seek my own liberation as a spiritual being, with the company of whoever else is interested in such a quest. I continue to be fascinated by shamanism, by tantra, by the potential for a transmutation of waking and dream-state consciousness – to the conquering of death by becoming an immortal spirit through practices of inner alchemy. I think that pursuing this requires a near-complete dedication and a number of years of engagement. Hopefully I will be able to clear the obstacles that impede this spiritual adventure in the time that is available – if God wills.

I see a tremendous opening of consciousness happening in our world today – a profound growth and questioning. I feel very grateful to be alive in this world at this point in time. I am amazed, also, by the power of this communication medium, which functions as a kind of proto-telepathy, allowing all of us to share the thoughts we have in a way never before conceivable.

I think what Dec 21 represents is the exiting of the birth canal for human consciousness – we are stepping into the light of our own self-knowing, to take responsibility for what the Ancients have left for us.

Let’s make use of all of the tools that history and nature have granted to us to bring about our own liberation and the transformation of the earth for the benefit of our own being and becoming, for the entities and minerals who share this earth with us, for our future descendants. What an incredible opportunity we have to create and to explore, to learn and to know. I know that we will not waste this precious opportunity.


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